Saturday, July 25, 2009

Button Up

I bought a package of buttons in 1993 for a CUTE little romper I was making for a sweet boy. I used only one of them and threw the rest in my button tin.

I have carried this tin around since I was in 9th grade. It's funny how I can remember that it came from a fundraiser I did in choir (a million years ago) and had shortbread cookies in it, but I can't remember if I shaved my legs in the shower this morning. It's one of those things I can't part with. No family heirloom. Not from a grandma's sewing room before the farm house was torn down. Nope, I don't have those kinds of stories. Just a silly tin.

But, as I sat there yesterday sifting through those buttons the sound was like an old friend that hadn't visited in awhile...soothing...comforting... No words were exchanged, but the understanding between us was still there. "Good to see you again."

So now you see why this place is called CL's Ramblings!----back to the buttons. That cutie pie little boy is now 16. When I saw these buttons I thought of all the many things I could make for him.
  • I could quilt a CD holder for the visor in his truck
  • I could possibly embellish his ammo bag that he takes duck hunting
  • I could even hot glue them on a frame and find the picture of him in that fabulous romper
Of course, all of these things would only get me dirty looks now and a downgrade on nursing care when I'm old and decrepit! So I turned them into magnets. I won't flaunt them in front of him and whisper sweet nothings about how much he is loved. I won't use them to post reminders to floss on the bathroom mirror.

I'm going to take them to school. Because there I am still a super-hero. There no one rolls there eyes when I embellish a story. Inside those 4 walls the students will always look up to me---literally, I teach the young 'uns.

I'm excited for school to begin! And you can bet that someone's going to ask where I found those cute magnets. Boy do I have a story for them! (Hope it's not my principal)---CL

Friday, July 24, 2009

Was Fonzie really a good guy, or a player?

It all started with a fabulous Christmas gift from Rae Rae kept locked away for at least a year.
I couldn't commit to the placement, so the blocks hung out on the wall for awhile two summers later. Borders and binding were stitched on with my arms twisted behind my back by loving family members... Quilt Retreat Feb 2008. Summer 2008....Finally, a finished quilt to snuggle up with.

Did I mention that I don't quilt? Nope. I can't commit to that either.
I like to call myself a connoisseur of fabric. I like to shop for it. Enjoy feeling it. I get goose bumps when the blocks begin to take shape. Once all that is over, it loses the excitement. I lose interest. I bag that quilt top up and stash it in the closet. I'm like the boyfriend afraid of commitment. "You're great and all, little quilt-top, but I heard about some new stuff from Moda. I see you next summer!" Well, it's almost the last week of July, I'd better get to the cutting board!

New Beginnings

I'm just getting started here. Not doing this for fortune or fame, but for free therapy!