Monday, August 9, 2010

As promised...

I love making these little journal covers!  They're so simple and quick to whip up for a personalized gift.  But, when I embarked on making 6 of them I have to be honest---- I was BORED!!!

They are all so cute. I love the fun fabrics!  I just don't like the repitition.  I stuck in there and got them finished. 

I made one for myself (remember my new girlfriends?) and the others are for my grade level teacher friends.  Each journal cover uses 2 fat quarters of fabric and an 11x16 piece of fusible web or batting.  I added various ribbons for ties and book markers. This is the first time I quilted the fusible web to the outside of the cover.  It really made them look more professional.  I also added pockets.  Some have them on the outside and others are on the inside flaps.  I planned the sizes of the pockets to fit pens, stickie notes, and even added a couple big enough for our cell phones.  I usually top-stitch all the way around the  journals, but this time I opted out.  My hope is that keeping them a little loose will allow enough room for our school calendars to slip right inside the back.

Pre-K will be the talk of the school during our back to school in-service days!  Which, by the way, begins on Friday the 13th---how appropriate!  I am going to use my journal all year long.  I will be able to grab it and go each time we have those "quick meetings" that always seem to sneak up on us at school.  And of course I am keeping the fruity babes!

I promise you there will be 'off-task' behaviors, but we will be doodling in style!

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